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About the Staff

Front Desk Coordinator

1-352-624-0004 EXT 100

Desi, an adored fixture of our team since 2021, is affectionately known as the company's sweetheart. Loved by patients and colleagues alike, her blend of sharp intellect, boundless enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, and warm and cheerful disposition make her indispensable to our organization.


Desi has quickly gained experience in every department of the company and uses her knowledge and skills to help far beyond the scope of her own responsibilities. With a heart full of kindness and an ever-present smile, Desi creates a welcoming and positive atmosphere that brightens everyone's day. 

Certified Medical Assistant

1-352-624-0004 EXT 200

Since 2020, Ashley has been a vital part of our OSC family, demonstrating unwavering dedication to compassionate patient care. She plays a multifaceted role in the healthcare process, offering support in clinical care, managing X-rays, scheduling surgeries, and guiding patients toward optimal care choices.


What truly distinguishes Ashley is her meticulous attention to detail, her attentiveness, and her innate ability to help others feel at ease. She is committed to ensuring that each patient's concerns are not only addressed but also met with genuine care. 

Authorization Specialist

1-352-624-0004 EXT 101

Kaitlin became a valued member of the OSC team in 2019, and her contributions have been nothing short of exceptional. She consistently handles issues with sensitivity and promptness.


Since joining our team, Kaitlin's commitment to enhancing patient care led her to become a certified medical interpreter. This accomplishment has allowed her to bridge language barriers more effectively, promoting the best possible health outcomes for each and every patient. 

Office Manager

1-352-624-0004 EXT 400

Alisa has been a part of the OSC team since 2007.  As our invaluable office manager, her unwavering dedication and exemplary leadership have played a pivotal role in shaping the welcoming and efficient environment that patients have come to know and trust.  
One of Alisa's most remarkable qualities is her ability to uplift and support her colleagues. Her positive attitude is infectious, brightening the office atmosphere and making everyone feel valued and appreciated.  She is incredibly compassionate and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care.  

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