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Stryker/Mako Knee and Hip Replacements

Orthopaedic Specialty Care (OSC) for many years has integrated the cutting-edge Stryker Mako system for knee and hip replacements, a significant advancement in orthopaedic surgery. The Stryker Mako system is a robotic assisted technology that provides surgeons with enhanced precision, flexibility, and control during joint replacement procedures. This state-of-the-art system combines 3D pre-operative planning and intra-operative guidance, ensuring a more personalized and accurate placement of implants, which is critical for the longevity and effectiveness of knee and hip replacements.

For knee replacements, the Stryker Mako system allows OSC sur create a patient-specific 3D plan using a CT scan of the patient’s own knee. During surgery, Manseau guides the Mako Robotic arm to the diseased bone and cartilage, and in placing the implant with a high degree of accuracy. This precision is crucial for the alignment and balance of the joint, which are key factors in achieving a natural knee motion post-surgery giving the patient long lasting results

In hip replacements, the Stryker Mako system similarly assists in developing a personalized plan based on the patient's unique anatomy. This allows for more accurate placement of the hip implant, which is critical for the range of motion and stability of the hip joint post-surgery. The precision of the Mako system helps in reducing the risk of common complications associated with hip replacements, such as hip dislocation and unequal leg length.

OSC's adoption of the Stryker Mako system reflects their commitment to providing the most advanced care to their patients. Patients undergoing knee or hip replacement at OSC can benefit from this technology through potentially shorter recovery times, reduced pain post-surgery, and a more natural feeling in the joint, which can greatly enhance the overall quality of life. The integration of such advanced technology, along with the expertise of Dr. Manseau as he is at the forefront of orthopaedic surgical care.


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